Women Perspective

Perspective, a viewpoint from where one stands. This can be so vague and yet so precise depending on the subject. Perspectives are as different as there are people, and yet, we all seek a common one, or at the very least: find a group where  “our” ow personal perspective is mirrored and accepted.     We, as humans strive for belonging all the while differentiating ourselves from others at the same time. Be part of one, but in a different way.

It’s a complicated MO.

Perspective however, remains the key for problem solving, and this includes human problems. Take for instance, basic survival in our modern era. To survive, we need money and to get money, most of us need to work for it, and to get work, we must present ourselves in our best perspective, or create a favorable perspective in  our employer eyes.

Perspective from others, allows us to see a situation or a problem from a different angle and help us problem solve much more efficiently. What we’ve learned to do to be successful is to seek the perspective of others who have been in our situations or at least, similar ones. Women have been doing this since the beginning of time. We exchange ideas, viewpoints, and solutions. This is probably why we define our relationships mostly though oral interaction. So, the search for new perspectives pushes us to be choosy in whom we pursue those answers. Someone with experience. Someone who has had successes with a new approach.

There are 3.8 billion of women on this planet, which raises the question: so, how and where do we find the people with experiences to gain new perspectives?” Today, that is on the internet.  Amongst DIY videos and online dating services, as of today, you can find help elevate you to the next level in your life. To help solve some of your problems or simply, to get support for any situation you may be going though. Today, you can find a solution and be part of the solution too. It’s called Alliée, and it’s free.  Click on the link to learn more: www.alliee.org