During the holidays, inevitably, there will be hunting of gifts,  hoping for gifts, wrapping of gifts, giving of gifts.

Not all of us are in a position to give gifts this year. Maybe this year has prompted us to re-evaluate the excess of gift-giving, especially when there is a high probability that the receiver will not remember all of the gifts. Do you remember each and every gift you received when you were a kid? Most people do not. What mostly fills our memories are the anticipation and the moments spent together, and yes, a few of the gifts.

Which brings me to this question: Which emotion feels better… gift giving or gift receiving?

Most of us like to receive gifts, better if we have one to give back in exchange to level the playing field, but really, is gift-receiving mainly a selfish action? Or is it a purely altruistic act? What if the act of receiving a gift was as important as giving a gift?  Knowing how to genuinely accept a gift shows the person that you genuinely appreciate and cherish them. In a way, it is a gift back to them. This said, it is not a black and white situation; many factors can deviate from a situation.

This brings me to my last question: Are objects (toy, electronics, etc.) more appreciated than action gifts? For example, a friend who helps you move or share their talent with you any less valuable than receiving a tangible gift?

Even though times are difficult right now, we are never without gifts. We can give our time, share our talent, be encouraging, and be supportive. The best part is, these gifts do not have an expiration date, and they will be cherished much longer than an obsolete 5-year-old iPad.

So, shine your light by sharing your gifts  : )

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