Alliée Terms of Agreement

Alliée will find the best match available you according to your criteria requested.

Alliée will contact you to assess your mentor/mentee relationships throughout the match. At first, we will check-in with you twice a month, then once a month, then every other month, then three times a year, unless requested otherwise .

Alliée will be available for questions, mediations and suggestions.

What are my expectations as a mentor/mentee?

As a mentor and a mentee, you will understand that:

  • Alliée is not a replacement for therapy of any kind and does not claim to be a therapy service.
  • Alliée is a mentorship connection website helping women meaningfully connect to one another based on real life experiences.
  • Both of you (mentor and mentee) need to openly communicate with honesty to be of service to one another.
  • To respect each other’s time; let each other know ahead how much time you have for your live conversation.
  • Respond to each other’s conversation (whether email or text) within 24 hours please.
  • Respect each other’s privacy, do not share your mentor/mentee’s situation with anyone else. (you would not want others to do that about you.)
  • Report to Alliée any suspicious activities (pushing you to do something you are not comfortable with, making deals with you, eliciting exchange of services),… *not limited to the afore mention activities)*
  • Do not assume anything, if you have a question about ANYTHING that pertains to Alliée, please reach out to us at
  • My match can be terminated at any time by Alliée after Alliée has tried to either: contact me 3 times to no avail, or for violating mentor/mentee (s) privacy, eliciting services or exchanging services.
  • Be responsible when meeting in person. Meet in public places.

What Alliée is not responsible for:

  • Fall outs of match relationships, although we will work earnestly to meet everyone’s needs and expectations, understand that these are fluid relationships and sometimes outside factors can derail a relationship.
  • A mentor or mentee deciding they no longer want to participate in a match.
  • Any views or opinions expressed by a mentor or mentee.