Inner Voice

“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind”                                — Roy T. Bennett

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Inner Voice
“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind” — Roy T. Bennett

Haaaaaa! This pesky little voice that sabotages the good ideas we have. Why it can’t or shouldn’t be done. Why it will be so difficult to accomplish and why it will probably fail. Will others silently laugh at our flop? I will be the first to admit this fault, we probably have given this negative voice more respect than it deserves, for sure.
When we listen to it, we go to the extent of coddling it by making excuses of why we are going along with it too! “it wouldn’t have worked”, “it wasn’t meant to be”.Which one do you hear the most often?
While we try to make sense of this epic battle of opinions playing out like a mental Games of Throne, the tiny “what if” is being silenced and ignored. What if your idea worked? What if you succeed, what if your plan worked and changed your life or someone else’s for the better? Is it a new business? A new adventure? A new parenting routine?I know we have all heard: “What have you got to lose?” But really though, What have you got to lose? you will never know unless you try. Why give more power to our fears than to what if it works, what if I achieve my goal and put those ideas into concrete actions?
Not long ago, I read an article of people who were at the end of their lives, and almost all of them said that their biggest regrets were: 1) not nurturing their relationships more, and 2) not taking more chances.
It’s worth heeding their guidance. Let’s give more power to our possibilities, the what ifs, and new ideas while turning down the volume of our fears!
So now, what? How do I organize my ideas? Where do I go from here? For those of you who need some help with this, here’s a little step to start the process:
On a sheet of paper: . Make a line down the middle. Title one column PROS and the other CONS.. Write down your Pros and Cons of your idea/project. Write your main goals for achieving your ideas and each . individual step to get there. Include a timeline with due dates.
You did it!
I wish you success in your new adventure !