Community Standards


  • Alliée mentors are not permitted to exchange their knowledge on matters for money or other services. 
  • Be courteous, respond to conversations (whether email or text) within 24 hours please.
  • Report to Alliée any suspicious activities (enticing you to do something you are not comfortable with, making deals with you, eliciting exchange of services…) not limited to the fore mention activities.
  • Alliée is not a replacement for therapy of any kind and does not claim to be a therapy service.
  • Do not assume anything, if you have a question about ANYTHING that pertains to Alliée, please reach out to us at

Community standards are basic guidelines to keep our conversation healthy, proactive and constructive for all members. We want to you to feel welcomed and free to express your opinion in a helpful way.

Be respectful:

  • Understand that we do not share the same past, paths and strengths.
  • We all interpret situations differently. What has worked for one may not work for another.
  • Advice given are from that person’s point of view, be grateful for them.
  • Most of all: treat others the same way you want to be treated.

Be on-topic:

  • We all have a lot to share when we connect, I get it. That said: please try to stay on-topic.
  • It will let your mentor/mentee know that you are considerate about the time they have taken out of their day to spend with you.
  • Communicate clear expectations with each other on the time you have available with each other and how much you can help with certain issues. This will help alleviate any misunderstandings and expectations.

Be constructive:

  • Let’s be uplifting towards one another. This platform was created to help, elevate and raise ourselves and our mentors/mentees. When the conversation is mostly negative, end it with a suggestion or a perspective that has not yet been considered.
  • Use paraphrasing, this helps your ally understand that you are actively listening, and it might help them see a new angle to the matter. (paraphrasing example: “What I’m hearing you say is….”)

Be proactive:

  • It’s fine not to agree, just explain why you don’t agree.
  • End your conversations with choosing on a time and date for your next dialog.
  • Most of all: End your conversations on a positive note.