How can the idea of belonging create so much commotion in the world?

Its simple idea has created wars, allegiances and reshaped international borders.

In human terms, it has moved mountains. It has created commotion pretty easily, actually, when we peel away all the layers that make us US, the core of our own person, we easily see that almost all of our decisions are derived by a single goal, and that is by the need to be accepted by a person or a group of people. By belonging to a or some groups.

Every decision you make now, and have made in the past lead to belonging. It’s in our genes, we can’t escape it.

We are creatures that are meant to live in groups. We fare better that way too. Living together is what precisely helped us create language, religion, civilization, technology, etc… It’s the exchange of ideas that has prompted so many advances throughout the years.

The sense of belonging has helped us flourish as individuals when we feel supported by our group.

Support is a very important system in our lives, especially for women, if we do not feel supported by our family or friends, we will go look for it elsewhere and for some, sometimes, at any cost. This is where a lack of support can be detrimental to women.

Support is synonym to strength for women, if we have other people who “have our backs” we feel strong and with that support, we can do anything we set out to do.

This is why I have created Alliée. A Women Mentoring Connection Website.

You feel you need to connect to other women with similar goals and/or you have had successes in your life and would like to share your knowhow, I invite you to visit to make new connections.

At Alliée, no experience is too small or too big, all have values. You can be an ally and get an ally. Go ahead, visit the page, it’s secured: