About Alliée


Here are the who, why and how of Alliée.

Who? My name is Olivia, I am a mother of 3 girls, married and a lover of nature and colors. Over the years, I have mentored 3 mentees (2 of whom I kept contact). I have volunteered for various organizations most of my adult life and nearly of my careers have been in the service industry.                        I have a BA+ in Education.

Why? I believe that we can all be of purpose to one another and what better time than this tech era to increase our mentorship to each other.

One thing for sure, I wish I had had this platform available as a younger adult; which is why I created Alliée to be of service to you, to help you navigate this fast-changing world we live in.

So jump in! That’s how! You have so much to gain and share with the world. We can’t wait for you to be part of this uplifting movement.

In service,


Olivia LePage, Founder
Olivia LePage, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

It is French for ALLY, it has an extra “e“ at the end because it is in the feminine form.

It is pronounced like this: << Allie-eh >>.

It’s a matter of perspective. You may not have the life experience of 75 years old, but just the fact that you made it to 18 years of age, you have already gained some experience, no matter how small it may seem to others. Your experience can be a guiding light to others who may be are going through what you went through. Alliée is about supporting one another.

Yes!!  Absolutely!! To further provide assurance in confidentiality, I would invite anyone using an alias if you do not wish to use your real name. The content of the connection with your mentor/mentee is more important than your name.

No problems! Contact us so we can help you refocus on finding you the support you need. This said, often, all we need to do is recommunicate our expectations to each other. These are real life, ever changing relationships with a volunteer and Alliée will help you or, if necessary, find you another match.

Sure you can! No more than 2 at a times though, unless approved by Alliée, as we want to make sure you are available to your already matched mentees. Feel free to contact Alliée to discuss.

frequently asked questions