Welcome to Alliée Emotional Support Services Agency!

A-ESSA is a Person to Person Emotional Support Service you can schedule for those stressful moments

We specialize in your emotional support

You no longer have to feel drained after your appointments

Alliée Emotional Support Services Agency, is located right here in Washington State. Our program is to provide emotional support to anyone who needs it. All services are carried out in public places or at  places of services (doctors,lawyers, other agencies). After contacting us, we will have a brief interview  with you to better understand your needs.

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All of our Representatives on the Field Have:

Had Their Background Checked

Received Direct Training on Confidentiality

Been Hand-Chosen out of Many Candidates

They Are:

Knowledgeable About HIPPA Regulations

Sensitive to Your Communication Style

There to Provide Support and Keep You on Track During Your Appointment


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