Women-to-Women Mentoring

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Alliée is a mentor connection website
for women 18 years old and over.

It is the first of its kind that allows the mentees and mentors to choose the criteria (experiences and strengths) they are looking for in their match.

We're all in this Together

Benefits of participating in a mentor relationship:

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you’ve felt stuck in making an important decision and you just wished you had access to someone knowledgeable and experienced?

We all have. Friends are great, but they are not all-knowing. Family, if we have one, are full of good intentions, but don’t often have the perspective to truly help us.

A mentor or mentee can hold a very specific place in our lives. They are neither “friends” (although they can be “friendly”), nor are they family. They come from a place of experience and are willing to share their knowledge with you, without judgements.

How can Alliée help?

Alliée LLC. is a platform designed for connecting women like you to mentors and mentees and vice versa.

Alliée is for adult women and will strive to find you a match based on criteria closest to what you’re looking for.

And the best part is: only $8 a month for that 1 on 1 connection with your mentor!

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“Having a mentor has given me reassurance and support when I needed it from someone I knew I could trust. They have my back and are rooting for my success.”
~ Chloe Freeman
“I think having a mentor would benefit in having a professional and sincere guidance with my goals in life. Having a successful adult around is important because it makes it more achievable to yourself.”
~ Marie Zamora

Are you interested in helping foster mentoring relationships?

If mentoring is important to you, too, you can help support Alliée and the work we’re doing by signing up as a sponsor.

For an introductory price of just $22 for 4 months, you’ll help us grow and create more mentor/mentee partners. You’ll also get your company logo and a link to your website featured on our home page.